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      One last goodbye for fallen soldier

      F riends and family of U.S. Marine Sgt. Justin Hansen gathered together today to honor his life and the legacy he leaves behind.

      " We all respect the service that Justin Hanson provided his country and he gave his last full devotion by giving his life for this country ," Community member Jim Carlson said.

      " He has given the ultimate and that is the least I can do to kind of honor him ," Community member Jenny Hlavka said.

      A nd honor him they did. H undreds waited in line to say goodbye one last time. A nd the flag he fought to protect could be found everywhere in town.

      " We are just kind of wrapping ourselves around the family for support and I think it's good for other people to noticed what kind of sacrifices the families make ," Community member Susan Raven said.

      N early everyone in town took a moment to reflect on what his service meant for the country.

      " For us freedom is not free and it proves it by him giving it all ," Community member Ann Roman said.

      A fter the funeral Hansen was buried at Memorial Gardens Cemetary, off 14th street in Traverse City. Hansen was a 2003 graduate of Kingsley High School and joined the Marines in 2005. He served a combat tour in Iraq and was on his second posting to Afghanistan.