Oryana Natural Foods Market wins Hagerty Small Business of the Year

Thursday the Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce announced the Hagerty small business of the year.

Oryana Natural Foods Market in Traverse City took home the win this year, infront of over 200 people.

The award goes to a business showing good community relations, employee relations, growth potential, finances, and innovation.

After starting up a little over forty years ago, Oryana has grown into the largest co-op in Michigan with over six thousand local members and annual sales of more than 14 million dollars.

"Small businesses in our area are so awesome," said Stephen Nance, the Oryana General Manager. "They're so dynamic, they do so many good things. It's such an honor to be chosen out of all of the small businesses in the top 10. I think for Oryana it just says a lot about our team and what we bring to the community and our focus on the community."

Nance said they hope that by winning this award, they can continue to expand the co-op.