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      Outpatient services expand into more Michigan communities

      Sometimes getting treatment at a hospital a few times a week is the best way to heal, but that commitment can become a hassle if that hospital is far away. Munson Medical Center in Traverse City is expanding their outpatient services to be closer and more convenient for more northern Michigan communities.

      Travis Myers loves to play baseball, but an elbow injury during practice left him unable to play and in need of surgery. Travis needed not only that but also some intense physical therapy several times a week which he did at Munson.

      Now Munson is opening doors to more outpatient clinics for patients like Travis, so they can get affordable outpatient treatments right in their own community.

      "Munson is placing an emphasis on providing outpatient services in the communities to make it closer and more convenient for our patients and to provide the same Munson quality that people would come here to the hospital for," Munson Vice President of Operations Derk Pronger said. "We can now deliver that same type of quality at these outlying locations."

      These walk-in clinics will provide lab work, radiology, physical therapy, and some hearing services in Grand Traverse, Benzie and Leelanau Counties. Antrim County will also have a clinic soon as well.

      After two surgeries and hours of physical therapy, Travis had to hang up his baseball mitt but he's back doing almost all of the things he wants and trying something new.

      "I'm actually playing competitive paintball now and so I'm actually able to be diving around on my elbow...back to 100%," Myers said.

      For more information on Munson Medical Center's outpatient clinics or to find one near you, you can visit their website.