Painting bowls for a good cause

One local art studio gave Traverse City the opportunity to show their creativity and their community spirit today.

Blackbird Arts hosted a free soup-bowl making party this evening - where anyone could come in and paint a hand-crafted bowl.

The bowls will be fired - bringing their vibrant colors to life - and used for the "Empty Bowls" event in April.

"Empty Bowls" is a fundraiser for the Fresh Food Partnership and enables local pantries and shelters to serve locally grown fresh food.

Karen Fulkerson, the Fresh Food Partnership Program Coordinator, said, "I continue to be amazed over and over again with the community involvement and the support for this program-for Fresh Food Partnership. I think that it shows that people care about the area, they care about the people that need food and want to, like Fresh Food Partnership, believe that everybody should have access to fresh nutritous food."

The nearly one hundred bowls painted today will be a part of about eight hundred used to serve soup at the "Empty Bowls" event on April 14th. The bowls are taken home by the attendees as a reminder of the many empty bowls in this world.

For more information on Fresh Food Partnership click here or call 231-929-3696. Tickets for "Empty Bowl" are available at Oryana, the Land Information Access Association, and at the door.