Parade of Homes displays new design trends

Homebuilders in northern Michigan displayed 13 different homes for the parade of homes this year, but many of the properties had similar trends.

â??It makes you feel like you're in a resort,â?? said builder Greg Schultz. â??That's a great way to start the day.â??

Many of the houses were filled with big rooms and open concept designs, but several builders were able to fit those features into a smaller house.

â??I just think that as the baby boomers are aging they don't want to climb up and down the stairs,â?? said builder Kurt Kellett. â??A lot of them are finding that they're moving towards a single level home and it sure makes sense.â??

Several other builders also had ranch style home to accommodate for the market demands.

â??Well ranches are popular because a lot of starter families with young kids want to be on the same floor or elderly want everything on the same floor, so it's just easier,â?? said Schultz.

But even with some of the homes being one story, builders were still able to fill them with luxury.

â??They like the 11-foot ceilings,â?? said Schultz. â??It's wide-open, it gets an elegant feeling. The large kitchen has plenty of storage and cabinetryâ?¦ and the master suite is a great place to start today and end the day as well.â??

Builders also wanted to make sure the homeowners took advantage of their outdoor surroundings.

â??Larger windows, bright colors and skylights just kind of gear itself more towards outdoor living,â?? said Kellett.