Parents upset with student info distribution

In Mondayâ??s Fact Finder Report, 7&4 News takes a look at Traverse City Area Public Schoolsâ?? policy on distributing student contact information.

A concerned parent recently wrote 7&4 asking why a business obtained his daughters address from the school.

TCAPS Associate Superintendent Jayne Mohr said the district does supply one business with student information.

â??We have a partnership with Jostens for class rings and also graduation gowns, invitations and other things families might be interested in as they are thinking about their children graduating from High Schoolâ?¦Jostens receives an address label from us for every student for whom we have permission to disclose that information. In the event a parent contacts the school and indicates they do not want this information released...then we do not provide it,â?? Mohr said.

At the beginning of each school year, TCAPS provides every student with a Student Handbook that states â??information may be disclosed to outside organizations without a parentâ??s prior written consent.â??