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      Paul Oliver Memorial Wellness Day

      It's a message of health and wellness that the staff at Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital in Frankfort is hoping to get across through their annual wellness day. "They need to realize they need to get in and get their checks and find out ways to keep themselves healthier," says lab services coordinator and infection prevention coordinator at Paul Oliver, Sandi Honigfort. Honigfort says the hospital's annual wellness day is free for people to learn about ways to improve their health and ultimately their life. Everything from health screenings for men and women, vendors and demonstrations will be available at the hospital on Saturday, October 20th. "Not only provide screenings but also a lot information on that day, cooking demos, zumba fitness. We want them to be healthy," says Honigfort.

      Part of the community involvement includes Dr. Brett Teran, a dentist at MI Healthy Smile in Frankfort, who will performing oral cancer screenings at the wellness day event.

      "We're going to do cancer screenings for people with the technology that uses the scope that you can't see with natural light. If we see something suspicious we'll make a referral to see if it's cancer," says Dr. Teran.

      Dr. Teran says he wants the wellness day to be a time when people from Benzie County and beyond can get personal advice about their health and be proactive.

      "I just want people to be taken care of whether they see me in the local office, they should be able to have early detection and know what's available," says Dr. Teran.

      Honigfort says Paul Oliver hopes to provide a source of continuous care for community members. The hospital invites agencies to the wellness event that can help people of all ages and those uninsured and under-insured find resources that will provide care throughout the entire year. "It's a time for us to give back to the community because they've supported us throughout the years. This is a way to help them with preventative care, screenings, things like that," says Honigfort.

      For more information about the Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital Wellness Day and what types of programs will be available click here.