Pet Talk: A hairy situation for cat owners

During Pet Talk on 7&4 News Today, Dr. Jen Klabunde talked about controlling the problem of hairballs with your cats. Dr. Klabunde says there is a distinct difference when it comes to hairballs and vomit with cats.

  • Hairball

    long and cylindrical

    cat acts normal afterwards

    occurs at random intervals

  • Vomit

    food like or watery

    cat acts ill afterwards

    usually persists until seen by a vet

Also, during Pet Talk, Dr. Klabunde featured two female kittens that are spayed and ready for adoption! If you would like to adopt the kittens which are available through AC Paw, you can contact Northwood Animal Hospital at: (231) 276-6361.

The Kalkaska Animal Control is also looking for an owner for a cat named "Lucky" which is between seven and nine years old. He has been at the shelter since May and is in desperate need of a home. "Lucky" is about 14 pounds, loves attention and is looking for a safe home setting. If you would like more information about "Lucky" you can call the Kalkaska Animal Control at: (231) 258-3309.

Three other kittens and cats featured during Pet Talk are also available at the Kalkaska County Animal Control. There are also two basset hound mixes and one young female yellow lab-mix that is available for adoption. For more information please contact the Kalkaska County Animal Control.

For a direct link to Northwood Animal Hospital click here.