Pet Talk: Sweet blind, one-eyed kitten needs a home for the holidays

This kitten named "Bill Marsh" is up for adoption.

In today's Pet Talk, the special guest is a 3 month old kitten who is left with one eye and only a little sight after abuse. Dubbed Bill Marsh, after rumors the person who brought the kitten in to the hospital is affiliated with the business, he is up for adoption through AC PAW or Dr. Jen Klabunde at Northwood Animal Hospital.

As part of the holiday season, Dr. Klabunde also has some tips during this time of year to help keep your cats and dogs safe. Some hazards for dogs to keep in mind are chocolate, grapes, raisins, alcohol, and ornaments. Hazards for cats include tinsel and ribbon, ornament hooks, and some Christmas plants.

See the full video for more information on the plants, and learn how little Bill Marsh got his name! For more information on adopting the kitten, contact Northwood Animal Hospital.