Petoskey Middle School robotics team on their way to the world championships

Geeks, Gears, and Gadget's Robot is in this box, ready to go to St. Louis

In its first year of competition, the Petoskey Middle School robotics team will go up against the world.

After winning several competitions, the 10 member team in Petoskey will make a trip to St. Louis at the end of April to display their robot's action in the world championships.

Their team is called "Geeks, Gears, and Gadgets" and their robot was constructed from a box of gears, switches, and metal to pick up items and put them in a box.

"We went from our hopes of being, you know, an OK team, to we're going to worlds, this is awesome!" says team member James McConnell.

"They're learning so many valuable life skills, things like problem solving, teamwork, and public speaking, they go out and talk to sponsors, and do the presentations, so there are a lot of skills beyond just learning about the physics about robotics," says Heather Marvin, the enrichment coordinator at Petoskey Middle School.

In order to get to the worlds, they're going to need some help.

It's going to cost about $10,000 to get the team to St. Louis.

If you're able to help, you can cut a check to Petoskey Middle School with a donation and in the memo put "robotics."

You can mail it:

Robotics Team, C/O Petoskey Middle School, 801 Northmen Dr., Petoskey, MI 49770