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      Petunias perk up downtown Charlevoix

      H undreds of volunteers planted thousands of flowers along US-31 in Charlevoix just in time for summer.

      E ach year , the whole c ommunity comes together for Operation Petunia.

      Thursday, 60 ,000 pink, red, and purple petunias were placed along five miles of highway going right through the city.

      W ithin an hour , nearly 800 volunteers finished planting all of the flowers .

      "O h it just adds so much character , charisma , and charm to the community it really does ," Charlevoix Resident Karen Moon explained. "W henever we travel , we say were from Charlevoix and they say oh that's the petunia town and we say yup that's it."

      O peration Petunia is funded strictly through private donations.

      To make this project a reality, organizers from Keep Charlevoix Beautiful collect $30,000 each year.