Phil adds some tart to your Autumn apples

"I usually have an apple every day," said Phil.

As Autumn approaches, we think of crisp Fall air, apple orchards and freshly made cider, and Chef Phil Murray from Phil's on Front in Traverse City is giving you a double dose of healthy apples with a sugary sweet twist. It's the perfect family dessert for a relaxing Fall day.

"Today we have our first Northern Michigan bounty of Paula red apples," said Phil. "They're one of my favorite fruits. You know how they say, 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away?' Well, that's what it does."

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"I usually have an apple every day," said Phil. "And I'm just a pillar of health."

This week Phil is sharing his delicious Apple Tart recipe:


15-20 Apples


Pure cane sugar

One tart pan (Phil suggests you try a puff pastry crust)

Cooking Directions:

Begin with your tart pan raw. Peel all apples and remove cores. Slice them into small pieces, trying to make each slice similar in size. Next, line up apple slices around tart pan. Sprinkle sugar on top, coating apples, then put butter on top of each. Bake in oven at 350 degrees for approximately 45 minutes.

"The apples and the sugar and the butter crystalize and get crispy," said Phil. "The crispiness holds in the juices of the apple inside, so you get a crusty crust, a crusty outside apple and a juicy apple on the inside. It's very delicious."

If you can't wait until next week for another delicious recipe, stop in at Phil's On Front in downtown Traverse City.

Phil's on Front

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