Phil gets moral while cooking his white morels

Phil is helping you create some of his favorite dishes in your own kitchen every week on 7&4 News Today! This week Phil is sharing his recipe for White Morels with Arborio morel mushroom risotto.

Ingredients for risotto:

Morels 8-10 large white cleaned morels

1 sweet medium sweet onion finely diced

2 cups dry sherry

1 cup Arborio rice

1 TBL virgin olive oil

Approx. 2 cups water or stock

Salt and pepper to taste (after risotto is cooked)

Cooking Directions:

Trim morels stems/cut off at base of mushroom. Turn to low heat, sweat onions until soft. Add chopped mushroom. Simmer 2 minutes. Add rice stir well. Add sherry, let come to low simmer. Simmer at low heat and stir rice when needed. When sherry has cooked down, slowly add more water or stock while stirring enough just to cover the risotto.

Continue this process until risotto is thick and creamy. Season salt and pepper to taste. Right after that episode, spread risotto on a spread out flat surface to cool quickly. Morel risotto is then stuffed inside the cavity of the large morels. Cook with 2 ounces unsalted butter, heated slowly in saute pan. Roll morels in flour or rice flour. Shake and roll off as much of flour off morel so there is a very thin dusting on morel- place in hot still yellow butter that is sizzling. Make sure that morels are cooking right away Simmer 3-4 minutes on each side of morel; get your sides a little crispy if you can. Serve with fresh asparagus.

You can also use cooked beef brisket for a stuffing also. "Bon Appetite!"

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