Phil tells a lobster tale with a jazzy tune

"This is my friend, Ron Getz," said Chef Phil Murray, Owner of Phil's on Front in Traverse City as he pointed to the guitar player behind him. "He's a musician that really needs a job, so I told him I'd hire him for this little thing here."

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This week Phil is teaching you how to prepare lobster, with a special "lobster ballad" from Ron Getz.

"Ron, hit it," said Phil.

"You can listen to some music while you take apart your lobster."

Dressed in black and sunglasses, Ron began to strum his guitar as Phil held up a shiny, fresh lobster ready to be devoured.

"First, you twist the claws off," said Phil. "The best tip I can tell you about is... Pull the claw off and pull out the cartilage."

Next, Phil said to take a large knife and "smack" the center of the claw to crack it in half.

"Uh, oh," said Phil as he hammered the knife down.

"This is a hard lobster."

Phil said after you crack it open, gently take out the lobster claw. Next, take the lobster's body and twist the tail off. This will ensure you get all of the meat out.

"This thing here," Phil said holding the lobster's body. "We can make soup out of it."

Next, Phil said to take the tail and cut it in half and pull out the tail meat.

"It comes out very easily and it's very delicious," said Phil. "You can reheat it or serve it on a salad."

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