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      Piece of history missing from Clinch Park path

      Traverse City's Clinch Park has seen a lot of changes in the last year, including the addition of some engraved markers on the sidewalk that highlight the park's history. But some people feel that an important part of that history is missing.

      The historic concrete path starts near the tunnel under Grandview Parkway with the date 1852 and ends near the parking lot in 2013. However the sidewalk does not include the story of the people who lived along the bay well before the 1800's.

      "We have in our stories that the Anishinaabek were here 500 years before Europeans," said Odawa citizen, Derek Bailey.

      "They came to do blueberry picking in the summer time, and so while the permanent villages were more up into Leelanau County, they certainly came down into the Traverse City area and there were Indian Trails that went through here long before the 1800's," said Peg Siciliano from the History Center.

      City officials could not comment on how the historic fact markers were chosen, or why the Native American history was left out and said that the only person who could was out of town.

      Bailey is going to speak at the commission meeting on Monday night and hopes to gain support for making a change and adding the Anishinaabek history to the path.

      "By us doing our part today will help in that remembrance of vital cultures that were here and made Traverse City the thriving community that we know now in today's year and hopefully what we leave for future generations," said Bailey.

      City Manager, Jered Ottenwess, says that a formal request for the city commission to take action on the issue has not been filed yet, and that Monday's discussion is reserved for public comment.