Playing for a cause

There was some good hearted competition going on in Kalkaska Sunday as dozens of men and women teamed up for a disc golf tournament, all in favor of a good cause.

It was the 6th annual K-Town Ice Bowl Event at Log Lake Park in Kalkaska.

In order to participate, players were asked to pay a fee or bring thirty pounds of non perishable foods, which will be donated to the local Meals on Wheels program.

More than 80 players showed up today making this year the most success event to date.

Whether people were there to play, watch, or just sit around the camp fire, everyone had a great time and it was all to help people in need.

"Not a lot of people come out in the winter time to play disc golf," said organizer, Eric Lucyk. "It's a way to raise money for a charity at a time when they really need it the most. This is a big time for them, trying to get things together, meals together, and everything. This money definitely helps them out tremendously."

Donations were also collected thru a raffle and bake sale.

This year, organizers were hoping to collect at least $3,000, and 1,000 pounds of food to give to the Meals on Wheels program.