Plug, click, fix! The answer to those broken holiday lights

Plug, click, FIX! It's the answer to those broken holiday lights!

Tricks-of-Trade expert Dan "the elf" Brady with

Dan Brady Painting and Wood Restoration

teams up with creative designer and General Manager of

Habitat For Humanity ReStore

to brighten up your holidays with a homemade chevron rug, and FINALLY! The perfect tool to zap those holiday lights to shine bright!

In this week's Upnorthlive ReVibe, Dan and Denine share their tips to inspire your holiday guests to cut a rug on your painted floor covering! They also are helping you to easily repair those stingy lights, and showcase your favorite tree-worthy collection on the Christmas tree!

To learn more, click the video above!

DESIGNER DENINEâ??S ADVICE OF THE DAY: â??Collections of small items are often tucked away in boxes or on hidden shelves in a spare room," said Denine. "Christmas trees are a great way to showcase your small collectibles, and with simple hangers, create a special tree that serves double duty as a collection display!"

Denine also said white trees are great for a high-contrast backdrop on dark items, or they also support a delicate attitude for pieces like a tea cup collection.

"Donâ??t be afraid to REALLY think out of the box to pull a collection out of hiding over the holidays," said Denine. "A â??collection treeâ?? is also a fabulous conversation starter for holiday mixers that include a variety of friends that may not know each other. In more ways than one, youâ??ll be a memorable host!"

To learn how to create a Chevron rug, Dan has a special demonstration using Frogtape! Click HERE to learn more!

And don't forget to pick up that paint! The folks at

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