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      Police encourage community to report tips and avoid speculation

      Traverse City Police have been receiving tips around the clock about the hit and run accident that killed 29-year-old Kelly Boyce-Hurlbert, but some tips are leading officers in the wrong direction.

      While many of them have helped the investigation, authorities say that people should be reporting things to them, and not taking matters into their own hands.

      "It's kind of like the telephone game that you played as a kid where you would tell somebody something and they would tell the next person by the time it got back around to you it was totally different than what actually happened, and we're finding that a lot in this case," said Detective Sgt. James Bussell with the Traverse City Police.

      A picture of a dark colored SUV has been circulating Facebook the last few days after the driver was supposedly aggressive towards two cyclists. Since then the picture has been shared hundreds of time online. On Thursday morning Grand Traverse County 911 also shared the photo, requesting others to take theirs down and replace it with a new message.

      "The driver of the vehicle has been identified and has been interviewed and at least the preliminary report that I read from the investigation patrol officer indicated that this has nothing to do with Kelly's death," said Bussell.

      More than 500 tips have been reported, and authorities are thankful for all of them, but they asking that tips continue to be reported to them, and to not be spread around.

      "What we're looking for are good viable tips at this point and what we don't need is speculation innuendo," said Bussell.

      Kelly's family and friends are asking the same of the community.

      "The detectives appreciate all of the tips their receiving," said Kelly's sister, Nicole Nostrandt. "Keep them coming. It's not overwhelming them. They need good tips and we appreciate all of the community's doing to watch out and what they see and what they hear and just please keep your eyes out."

      If you have any information regarding the case, authorities are asking to contact them first. You can do so by calling 231-995-5152.