Police have possible lead in Hurlbert hit and run

29-year-old Kelly Boyce Hurlbert was killed by a hit and run driver on July 5.

Traverse City police officers say they have a possible lead in the investigation of the hit and run that killed 29-year-old Kelly Boyce Hurlbert.

Officers are investigating one significant tip that was received two weeks ago and so far are unable to rule out as a substantial lead. The tip has led them to have several conversations with one man.

Alpena law enforcement is also investigating as the man also has a residence in that area. Several search warrants have been issued for the man's property and police are looking into an alibi.

Although many of the tips police are receiving are not solid enough to continue investigating, this tip has become a lead they can't rule out. Other tips received are still being investigated to their full capacity in addition to this possible lead. Police say out of all the tips received, there have been only a few stand-out leads, such as this one, that result in a deeper investigation.

You can help Kelly's family raise money for a reward by heading to the website created in her honor,