Police investigating threat made against Manton Schools

Manton Schools are on "high alert" after an alleged threat was made.

The Manton Police Department is investigating an alleged threat made against Manton Consolidated Schools.

Superintendent Mark Parsons said a threat was found scribbled on a bathroom wall. The message said that someone was going to come into the school and "hurt people."

"We of course took it seriously and made plans but we also wanted to make sure that we were just doing that, being careful and being safe," said Parsons.

A security officer said the message was found about a week and a half ago, but referenced Friday, April 25.

An automated message was sent to parents around 10:50 p.m. Thursday.

"It said that there was a threat to the school but there was going to be a strong police presence and there should be no worrying about having your kids at school today," said the parent of a sophomore student, Donna Swing.

The superintendent said of the 931 students that attended the school, only about 120 showed up for school today. Classes continued throughout the day as usual.

Manton Police and members of the Wexford County Sheriff's Department were at the school on Friday. The doors were locked and administrators stood guard at the doors.

"Their kids are absolutely safe," said school resource officer, Jeffrey Norman. "100 percent safe. That's what we do here. We're very keen on safety and everything we do is for their children and to make sure they're safe and getting their education at the same time."

One teacher said they were upset that they weren't notified of the threat sooner.

Parsons said they made security plans right after the threat was discovered, but that they were careful not to broadcast the information too soon.

"We are very careful to not give out details of a security plan so that a person, if they had bad intentions, would not be able to take advantage of where we were directing people, and we have several options that we've built in so we don't broadcast that," said Parsons. "But it's part of increasing security for our students and staff."