Police searching for man spending counterfeit cash

The Kalkaska Police Department is searching for a man they said fake money at a popular pizza joint and got away.

It's the second counterfeit case in Northern Michigan in a week, and police say all local businesses should be on alert.

When customers pay for their treats at Lorna Malbouef's Mancelona Bakery, she checks the cash with a money marker pen almost every time.

Lorna Malbouef, the owner of BoJack's Bake Shop and Cafe says, "If you miss it and get a counterfeit bill and go to the bank, you don't get that money back. You're out. So this happens to be your best friend especially now."

A week ago two men were arrested in Mancelona for using counterfeit hundred dollar bills. While they're behind bars now, authorities just miles away in Kalkaska got a report of a similar incident Wednesday.

Sgt. Glen Artress says, "The suspect entered the Little Caesarâ??s purchased order of pizza and paid with a counterfeit $20 bill."

Employees at the Little Caesars said they saw a large stack of bills in the suspect's wallet and police believe those too are fakes.

Sgt. Artress says, "We're seeing more and more counterfeit money so we're checking with other businesses to see if they've been victimized."

In the meantime, local businesses in Antrim, Kalkaska, and all Northern Michigan counties are encouraged to take a good look at the money they encounter.

The suspect Kalkaska police are still looking for is described as a white man with a large build. He's about six feet tall, 280-300 lbs.

The suspect is believed to be in his 20's with short dark brown hair and a full beard.