Pop can drive raises more than $1,000 for familyâ??s hospital bills

Annabelle was under two pounds when she was born, and have been at the Helen DeVos Childrenâ??s Hospital ever since.

Annabelle Caswell was born 3 months premature at Munson Medical Center earlier this month. On Saturday, her family in Antrim County found a creative way to help her parents pay for the hospital bills.

Annabelle was under two pounds when she was born, and has been at the Helen DeVos Childrenâ??s Hospital ever since.

â??She is just doing amazing for her age and her size and she's a little fighter,â?? said her great-grandmother Sharon Williams.

To help pay for the hospital bills her family held a fundraiser, by collecting cans.

â??It's an easy thing to do, only cost us a little gas money, we have lots of little kids out there helping us who were doing the wagon pulling yesterday, and people are just pouring in from all over the place,â?? said Williams.

So far they've collected over 10 thousand cans and said people has been dropping off bags filled with cans and bottles at all hours of the day and night.

â??People from Gaylord and Mancelona communities are outstanding,â?? said Annabelleâ??s Uncle Buck Stephenson. â??I didn't think there was that many cans in this town, itâ??s unbelievable. Weâ??ve raised over one thousand dollars.â??

If people couldn't get by to drop them off they could count on Annabelle's cousins knocking on their door to ask for cans.

â??The kids are outstanding, theyâ??re still out knocking on doors and wheeling wagons today,â?? said Stephenson.

â??I think the kids, they just they just really enjoy supporting their little cousin,â?? said Williams.

They said the community's support has been overwhelming.

â??I've always thought there was good in this town and this just verifies my thoughts,â?? said Williams. â??So it's just amazing how everybody is just pouring out and like I said they're coming by dropping them off there even telling us of other places to go to get cans from other people and stuff so it's just been amazing.â??

Those interested in helping Annabelle's family may drop off cans at 408 East State Street in Mancelona.