Pow-wow in Suttons Bay

It was a celebration Pow-Wow in Suttons Bay today!

The Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, SEEDS After School, and the Suttons Bay community and Public Schools came together to honor this year's high school graduates and those who serve - including Coast Guard Commander Joe Buzella.

This year's theme is "Honoring the Now, Honoring the Future" and the public was invited to participate in the dancing and the feast.

"There aren't very many Native Americans in the east as much as in the west - so in the west they would have a lot more-there's a greater population of Native Americans. So it's nice that we get to represent our little population in Michigan and show that we are still here and not extinct like people think we are" said Beedoskah Stonefish, a sophomore at the high school and member of the Ojibwe tribe. She also was recognized for dancing in New Mexico against about one hundred girls her age (representing her tribe, her town, and Michigan) - and winning!

For the full uncut video of this afternoon's Pow-Wow, click here.