Preventing back-to-school sports injuries

Back to school means back to school sports for most children, but many parents worry about sports-related injuries. Many of youth sports injuries are preventable, and in this week's House Call, Dr. Nathan March from West Front Primary Care in Traverse City discusses ways parents can prevent and identify child sports injuries.

"Start out with getting your athlete in for a pre-participation physical," said Dr. March. "Make sure you go over an adequate history and look at things like, risk for concussion, history of concussions, history of head injuries, passing out, blacking out, and any history of cardiovascular disease."

Dr. March said to get a thorough physical exam before and after your child takes the field, regardless of age, gender or sport played.

"The most important thing to reduce sports injuries would include getting (the child) in condition and making sure they have good flexibility and strength," said Dr. March. "That's going to reduce their risk for injuries on the field drastically."

Dr. March also said concussions have really taken the lead in sports medicine, especially in high school.

"There's a lot more awareness now," said Dr. March. "The coaches are now supposed to take a course in concussion symptoms... Awareness has increased the diagnosis."

Dr. March also discusses proper hydration and nutrition. Click the video above to learn more.

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