Principal & teacher ''dress up'' for school fundraiser

In exchange for their students raising a certain amount of money, one local principal and teacher got ''dressed'' up for a fundraiser this afternoon.

The Grayling Middle School Principal, Jeff Branch, and a teacher, Stan Forrester, agreed to celebrate the end of Spirit Week in prom dresses and full make-up if the students could raise $500 for the library.

It started with Mr. Forrester filling in for Mr. Branch, and making a promise to the students to get the principal in a dress if they could raise $500 in a week.

The Parent Involvement Team then heard of the challenge, and promised to match the $500 - if Mr. Forrester also put on a dress.

Forrester's answer was - "How do you say no? It's for the kids!"

Even with going into the last day short by $160, the students pulled together - filling the rest of the jar within 1st hour - and raised over $700! As of Thursday afternoon, the total amount for the media center was up to a little over $1,200.

The school ended Spirit Week today with fun games and celebrating the success of the fundraiser.

"Well it's going to mean additional technology, more resources, more books - just anything to enhance the instruction here at Grayling Middle School," said Branch. "We have a great school, a great community, and - I'm a teaser at heart - these kids need a good laugh and they need to get even with me! So that's why we're here!"

Forrester mentioned this is the only source of funding for the media center. They'll use the money for ink for the color printer, new books, and presentation material, among other things needed.

"I think a lot of the money that was raised this time around came from allowances and things that kids had earned and gotten for birthday money and they really wanted in on the fun," stated Tracy Wilson, the Grayling Parent Involvement Team Chair. "So for this one - this all goes back to the kids and their parents."

The principal also not only recommends the fundraiser for other schools, but challenges the principal at Roscommon Middle School - Mitch Koehn - to do it next!