Put some "Pizza Pizzazz" in your Monday night

Monday night, pizza feeds and pizza pays.

Nine different pizza companies in Petoskey are tossing dough for dough, giving a portion of the pies they sell to the Petoskey Education Foundation.

In Petoskey, you've probably seen the â??Pizza Pizzazzâ?? signs. Every fifth grader in Petoskey pitched in.

"To make them aware that they're a big part of promoting this big benefit that happens today," says art teacher Jen Cleary.

And some, like Evelyn Hartman, were awarded for their efforts with first place for their creation a creation with a greater mission.

â??It helps with things that will pay off in the future, like new art supplies, new school supplies, stuff like that," says Hartman.

Nine pizza joints in Petoskey are pitching in a portion of their dough to the Petoskey Education Foundation. One dollar from each pizza sold Monday goes to the kids.

â??No reason to cook tonight, you can go out and buy pizza, support local business, and help out the education foundation and kids in Petoskey at the same time," says Petoskey Superintendent Dr. John Scholten.

It has turned into a tradition in Petoskey. The last Monday in February is pizza mania and businesses have jumped on board.

"Pizza places know who their customers are, and how important it is to be a part of the fabric of the community, and it's a pretty nice, easy way for them to give back," says Petoskey Chamber of Commerce President Carlin Smith.

The money will help with student scholarships and give some teachers an extra boost in the classroom.

"Without the community, we don't have a business. All the people in the community help us, everyday, by coming here and supporting us, so it's always important for us to support them," says Petoskey BC Pizza Owner Shannon Bining.

"We want to sell as many pizzas as possible today, we hope to have a really large check for the foundation, that's what our goal is," says Spicy Bobs Owner Matt Coger.

So you may wonder what the definition of pizzazz is. Pizzazz is the attractive combination of vitality and glamour, two things pizza can definitely offer.

Hereâ??s a list of pizza companies participating Monday: BC Pizza, Spicy Bobs, Noggin Room, Mighty Fine Pizza, Randyâ??s Mighty Good Pizza, Jets, Mancinos, Galley Gourmet, and Northern Lights Recreation Center.