Raising last minute funds to restore iconic view

"The location is historically quite important," Photographer Ken Teysen said.

In 1957, Ken Teysen stood in a busy park off of Huron Street in Mackinaw City and snapped a photograph that would later become one of the most iconic images taken of the Mackinac Bridge. Years after the bridge was built, the once occupied shoreline was filled with homes.

"It is a historic shoreline there because of the fact you can see the bridge and you can hear the story of the building of the bridge," Teysen explained.

The rich history and beautiful view is what the town is trying to restore. But, if they don't have more than $80,000 by Friday, they will not be eligible for grant money to help remove an old house that is blocking the view. Earlier this week they still needed $11,000 in donations to meet their goal. However, an email sent out to the public helped them get closer to the amount.

"Since the email blast well we generated over $8,000 in pledges," Village of Mackinaw City President Jim Hingston said.

The city is still thousands of dollars away from meeting the required funding. They have until tomorrow afternoon to raise the cash and they are hoping the public will step forward to help develop this location.

"It's a spot where you can see everything there is to see in the Straits of Mackinac, this is a great place to have water access and it gives you everything that it has to offer," Hingston said.

If you would like to pledge money to help pay for this project you can simply contact Mackinaw City until Friday afternoon.