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      Red, white, and blue holiday weekend brings green for business owners

      Visitors flooded the downtown sidewalks of Traverse City this Memorial Day weekend, ready to explore and spend some green at the local shops, restaurants, and breweries.

      Business was slamming, and if this weekends numbers are any indication of what the Summer will bring, Traverse City business owners are in for a prosperous few months.

      "Yesterday was definitely packed all day," said Cindy Raupp, North Peak Brewing Company Manager. "I don't think we got off a wait since we opened. Patio especially, people are kind of just like wherever you can fit me in, and I think the patio is much busier than the inside wait was."

      North Peak Brewing Company, a popular Traverse City food and beer destination, had people filling up both the inside and outside of the restaurant. Managers say that business was up 5-percent this years holiday weekend compared to last.

      Similar to years past, the 31st annual Bayshore Marathon was a big contributor to the spike, and so was the nice weather.

      "It has been really busy this weekend," said Kaylena Kinney, Cherry Republic Supervisor. "We've had some great people in. It's been wonderful."

      With all of the shopping and eating, people needed a place to wind down and rest their heads for the night. Cambria Suites, Best Western and Comfort Inn saw huge spikes on Friday night, putting the hotels 10-percent higher in overall business compared to last year.

      Memorial day weekend is a great gauge of what the Summer will bring for businesses, and right now it's looking quite promising.