Restaurant week is a success

Traverse City's third annual restaurant week is coming to an end this weekend but some resturants are extending the week.

7&4 news spoke with several restaurants and almost all of them reported amazing sales this past week.

7Monks, Amical, and Stellas have had great turnouts and many first-time customers. 7Monks is extending the week through Sunday.

Minervas reported the sales from Sunday alone were near the same amount as their last year's full restaurant week. They have extended the restaurant week specials to run through March.

The Downtown Development Authority said preliminary reports show a good monetary boost for the city. Colleen Paveglio, the Marketing Director, stated "I think restaurant week definitely has given a boom to our local economy. A lot of the locals take advantage of it. But we're now finally starting to talk to some of the hotels that are promoting it and they're seeing people come up to Traverse City for it - so you can't deny that it doesn't give a little boost to the local economy."

Several restaurants are fully booked for Saturday. However, since many of them are extending the special menu prices through Sunday or further into March, they recommend calling to check availability.