Restaurant Week wraps up in Traverse City

The fourth annual Traverse City Restaurant Week was a success for local restaurants.

The 2014 Traverse City Restaurant Week wrapped up Saturday for most of the participating restaurants, and restaurant managers seem happy with the results.

The fourth annual weeklong event drew large crowds to more than 30 participating restaurants, as people had the chance to get a taste of the area's hottest dining spots for an affordable price. Each participating restaurant offered a unique three-course menu for $25 per person.

One aspect of Restaurant Week that local restaurant owners appreciate is the opportunity to attract new customers.

"We had a lot of new faces that don't normally come in," said Matt Cozzens, co-owner of 7 Monks Taproom. "We gave our kitchen an opportunity to showcase some of its talents and diversity, and they've done a great job this week, like a lot of other restaurants in town."

Harrington's By The Bay Executive Chef Joshua Vinocur was impressed that, even with bitter cold temperatures throughout the week, the restaurant saw increased customer traffic compared to last year.

"I think you've really seen the elevation of the average palate over the course of time," said Vinocur, who is also the executive chef at Sorellina in Traverse City. "In the past 10 years, more and more people are more and more sophisticated in the foods that they eat, and so it's a challenge for us in the profession to keep putting out a fresh product."

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