Restoring Northern Michigan's Statue of Liberty

"Everyone was excited to see the statue put in place and we all been kind of sad to see it in the state that it is now," Lifetime resident Virginia Riordan said.

Riordan was at the dedication in 1950 that placed this replica of the Statue of Liberty in the marina on Mackinac Island. But as the years rolled by, she has watched this statue slowly deteriorate.

"We wish to have all the seams repaired properly we have spikes that are missing from liberties crown and we want to make it look presentable for the island here for our tourists and residents," Mackinac Island American Legion Post Commander Paul Wandrie.

The American Legion post on Mackinac Island wants to fix the statue and bring it back to its original form. This replica of Lady Liberty is one of 200 around the country that were donated by the Boy Scouts of America in the 1950s. The eight foot sculptures were dedicated in 39 different states, and this one is the only one they placed in Michigan.

"We want to make it look nice for the people of the state of Michigan, because it belongs to the people of Michigan," Wandrie said.

To restore this statue, the Legion needs to raise around $60,000 in donations. The plan is to fix the statue and move it only a hundred feet so it is easier to see. The city has already placed its support behind the restoration and lifelong residents like Virginia Riordan hope reviving the statue can bring the same pride that it did 62 years ago.

"I hope that lots of people will want to help in the restoration. I know that I would like to do that simply because it is something that you can really feel apart of here on our little island," Riordan said.


he American Legion post has already began looking for money and if you would like to donate, contact the island's post.