ReVibe a boring wall with a striped splash of red!

Denine Dingeman, designer at Charitable Resale, teaches you to affordably style with ease! She's teaming up with Dan Brady, "tricks-of-the-trade" painter at Dan Brady Painting and Wood Restoration. He brings you time-saving tricks and products that are easy to find and use.

This week, Dan and Denine are showing you how to ReVibe an ugly white wall in four simple steps.

Four Steps to paint a designer-inspired striped wall:

1. Plan: Gather wall prep tools, paintbrush and roller, paint, Frogtape

"Use products to patch, sand and prep the wall along with Frogtape for those razor-sharp stripes," said Dan. "Affordable and easy-to-find tools are found at Northwood Paint or any home improvement store."

2. Prep: Patch, sand and dust wall

3. Design Direction: Create Pattern or Color Scheme

"Consider colors that give your room personality," said Denine. "Staying with a nautical theme in the room, the red stripes make a white wall 'pop' and sync with a marine vibe in a classic, but trendy design."

4. Apply: Paint and pull the Frogtape. Beautiful!

To see the red stripe demonstration along with the tools you will need, click the video above. Be sure to tune in next week to see Dan and Denine add designer-inspired pieces to the nautical-themed room!

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