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      ReVibe an old fountain into a youthful patio set

      Bring the beach to your back patio with Upnorthlive ReVibe! This week, Dan and Denine show us how to ReVibe a cast-off plaster fountain into a fabulous focal point table!

      In this week's Upnorthlive ReVibe, Dan and Denine show us how to ReVibe a cast-off plaster fountain into a fabulous focal point table!

      4 Steps to ReVibe a plaster fountain into a table:

      1. CLEAN the fountain with an appropriate cleaner for the product. Friends at Northwood Paint or your favorite do-it-yourself retailer can help you.

      2. PAINT the fountain, inside and out, as indicated.

      "Breakthrough paint from Pittsburgh Paint works really well on unique surfaces like lightweight plaster," said Dan. "Exterior enamel spray paint is your go-to product for a quick pick-me-up for metal chairs of any color. Northwood Paint or your favorite DIY store crew will be glad to help you, just let them know the composition of your product, and you'll be thrilled with how simple it is to find a great color in a product line that works for you!"

      3. PERSONALITY PLUS! Fill the fountain with sand and other objects that express your style. The sand helps to anchor the table as water would.

      "Don't be afraid to think out of the box," said Denine. "Take an ugly, old fountain, fill it with sand and other mementos, and fit it with a glass top for the perfect surface, complete with a built-in, conversation-kicking centerpiece! Who doesn't love the personality of such an animated, yet elegant focal point of any room?"

      4. TOP IT OFF with a glass top in a size that meets your needs. No centerpiece necessary!

      "And for simple chair cushions, you may cut apart a chaise cushion, fit the fabric to a smaller cushion, sew it up, and you've reshaped an inexpensive cushion to ReVibe your seating, said Denine."

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