ReVibe: cabinet doors and lighting fixtures into chic candle sconces


      â??A cabinet door paired with a cast-off lighting fixture creates something so chic that even major retailers are doing it! Try this project with cast-off items youâ??ve got in your garage or for a couple dollars spent at Habitat ReStore!â??

      DANâ??S TRICK OF
      THE DAY

      â??I was convinced that Designer Denine had transitioned to Carpenter Denine for this segment, however stood firm to say that she only made a wood cut or two to create this super stylish candle lamp. The main pieces were standard items often collecting dust in a garage or on the shelves at Habitat ReStore. Go Denine!â??

      Create a chic tabletop candle lamp in 6 easy steps:

      Cast-off items needed include a small cabinet door, a short shelf at least 4â?? wider than the door for a base, a 2x2 wood spindle the length of the cabinet door width, and a cast-off wall light fixture with glass panels.

      · Prep:

      1. Clean with a heavy duty degreaser.

      2. Wipe down with liquid de glosser.

      3. Sand with a sanding sponge.

      · Prime door, shelf (to be used as a base).

      · Spray on desired color with spray paint or roll your paint with hot dog roller.

      TRICK: â??Shabby upâ?? the edges and spot surfaces by sanding with a sanding sponge!

      · Pilot holes into the support block and the lower cabinet back and screw block to cabinet.

      · Remove wiring from light fixture and screw into cabinet door. Ensure that the fixture has a flat surface for a candle and is secure.

      · Use a glue product called Power Grab (found at Northwood Paint or your favorite home improvement store) to secure the wood block/cabinet door already assembled. Allow to dry according to instructions.

      Add a candle and youâ??re ready to enhance any environment! Make sure to NEVER leave a burning candle unattended, and by creating this cool piece of style in your living or work space, you may never want to leave!