Revibe: Drift off to dreamland with a new headboard and driftwood

In this week's UpNorthLive Revibe Dan and Denine show you how easy it is to doll up an old headboard and turn driftwood into a holiday delight.

Tricks to make an old dingy headboard something you can dream about:

DESIGNER DENINE'S ADVICE OF THE DAY: "I took one big piece of fabric, and I took in like a half inch and made seams that way, horizontally," Denine said. "Vertically and then horizontally, and then from the front it looks like patchwork...and then what I did is I staple gunned all of this."

Denine said she bought two headboards and put a strip of wood on the back of each headboard, attaching the strip of wood to each headboard with wood glue and metal clamps. She then covered each board with cotton batting and fabric. Denine used a staple gun to attach the fabric. She then hammered a couple of nails into the headboard and hot glued buttons on top of the nails to make the fabric look tufted.

DAN'S TRICK OF THE DAY:"What you can do with the Dremel is just stencil whatever you want to stencil and use the Dremel to trace it," Dan said.

Turn dingy old driftwood into dazzling wall art or home decor in a few quick steps:

1. Sketch the words you would like to write on the driftwood with a marker.

2. Take a Dremel tool and trace and carve out the letters.

3. Then paint the driftwood with the base color. Dan used red paint from Northwood Paint and Supply. He then used an art brush to fill in the letters with white paint.

Dan said the entire project took him about one hour to complete.

The folks at

Northwood Paint & Supply

in Traverse City will be happy to help you pick out the perfect colors and textures for your home for the holidays! Call 231-947-8522 for more information!