ReVibe: Give that ugly sweater a pretty nifty new home

In this week's Upnorthlive ReVibe Dan and Denine show you how effortless table décor and extra seating is inexpensive and easy to create for unique, holiday style!

Tricks to Festive Table Décor and Extra Guest Seating:

DESIGNER DENINE'S ADVICE OF THE DAY: "Fresh bough cuttings, ornaments or beads combined in a glass vase with crumpled cellophane and water creates a sparkling, fresh holiday centerpiece," said Denine. "Don't underestimate your creativity!"

Denine recommends you use this combination of items or branch off into other variations that match your style. Express your personality for a fabulous focal point!

DAN'S TRICK OF THE DAY: "ReVibe an old laminated piece of furniture to create a festive, fun table that doubles as extra seating," said Dan.

Create extra seating in 4 easy steps:

1. Soften adhesive of a cube table with a blow torch to remove Formica or any synthetic laminate.

2. Paint cube Red with mini roller.

3. Paint an old couch cushion to put on top of cube table for extra seating. Paint a chevron stripe on front of cushion for pizazz.

4. DAN GETS CUTE: For a cute accent, paint cute stencils on top of table, paint cute chalkboard on front of cube, paint cute chevron stripe on front of cushion!!

And don't forget to pick up that paint! The folks at

Northwood Paint & Supply

in Traverse City will be happy to help you pick out the perfect colors and textures for your home for the holidays! Call 231-947-8522 for more information!