REVIBE: Safe Summer Painting Tips!

Dan's Safe Summer Clean-up Tips:

Spring Cleaning "What to do with all those old paint cans?"

- Purchase paint hardener from Northwood Paint - Add paint hardener to unwanted gallon of paint, stir and let harden over night - Paint can then be disposed of in normal trash - Paint hardener works only with Latex Based paints, for oil based paints check with your local township for community drop off days, they typically will have one in the spring or fall and will allow you to drop off oil based paints and other solvents you cant dispose of in normal trash

Checking for "Lead" in paint

-Many houses built before 1978 contain lead in the paint -Lead can be very dangerous to anyone but especially small children -Lead is MOST dangerous when it is sanded into dust and then inhaled -Before sanding any pre 1978 paint make sure to check it for lead -you can purchase "Lead Checkers"at Norwood paint -use a utility knife to "V" out an area of the surface, make sure it goes through all the layers of paint right down to the substrate -swab the "Lead Checker" over the "V", if the cotton end becomes pinkish or reddish lead is present -if lead is present in your paint consult a professional for safe prepping practices