ReVibe: Turn old antique chairs modern!

ReVibe an old chair into a modern-looking piece of art!

Do you have a cool old chair you can't part with but has issues?

Do a total ReVibe.

Begin by deconstructing. Pull fabric and stuffing out down to the bones. Be sure and pull out the old springs, they are so great for all kinds of re-purposing. You may want to save other pieces for future project as well.

Once you have stripped the chair take out any tacks that may could cut you or pull on clothing.

Then get creative. I used:

Gutter screen

Scrap pieces of bead board

Reinvented a decorative use for the seat springs

And finally used a scrap piece of Plexiglas for the seat.

I used scrap paper to make a seat pattern, laid it out on the Plexiglas and traced out my seat. I then used a sawzall to cut the seat out of the plexiglass.

And that was my chair. Use whatever interesting pieces you have been hanging on to and have fun creating your masterpiece.