REVIBE:Back an oversize print in 3 easy steps


o â??That supportive, dimensional surface you seek to support oversize prints and posters isnâ??t hard to find. A hollow core door may provide just the ticket! Cast-off doors may be cut down and hung as a lightweight, substantial backing to posters and favorite print images.â??

o Back an oversize print in 3 easy steps. Cast-off items needed: print (paper poster or photo print); tacky spray mount (optional); duck tape; paint (optional); hollow core door; tools or service to cut door to size

· Size a door to the print. Leave a border on the surface of the door (door will be larger that poster this way) or cut the door to size of the poster. OPTION: Paint the door.

· Affix the poster/print to the door using tape or a tacky, moveable spray mount product (spray can found at craft and art supplies stores; follow directions on the can.)

· Finish the edges of the print and door with a clean line of duck tape around the edge to seal any hollow door openings and provide a finished look.

Finished, backed prints may be hung or lean against a wall. TIP: Oversize prints may be printed by a variety of convenient photo services, or pull a favorite poster from your past. The reaction you receive from guests and your own satisfaction will be supersize!


o â??The tip is an EVENT to support Habitat for Humanityâ??s new Traverse City Depot Neighborhood! The money raised at the event will benefit the Carter's Kids Playground.

BUSTA MOVE is Saturday, April 27th at 6 PM at Streeter's Ground Zero on Garfield.

There will be Zumba at 7 PM hosted by 7&4's Arielle Berlin. More information and tickets can be found at

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