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      Reward, website in place to help family affected by fatal hit and run

      Family friends have raised $20,000 as a reward to find the person, or people, responsible for Kelly Boyce Hurlbertâ??s hit and run death on July 5.

      A website is now online for anyone wanting to support Kelly's family during this difficult time.

      Family friends are not wasting any time to help the family, which led them to create the website.

      â??Kelly was an absolutely beautiful person and she was madly in love with her husband Paul,â?? said family friend Mike Moran.

      Providing a convenient way to donate, the website will also centralize all the information surrounding Kelly's death.

      â??They're (getting) real information from us and the family; none of the Facebook stuff that's just kinda scattering around it andâ?| rumors and things like that. We're going to post actual real information and... links to help Paul get through this.â??

      With the accident investigation continuing, a reward has been set to find those responsible for killing Kelly.

      â??We're very grateful that that came out. I can't really tell you who it's from. I know the calls I'm getting is that people want to add to that reward and that's in the discussions that we're talking about today.â??

      Kelly worked at North Peak with her husband since May.

      â??When you lose someone like Kelly Boyce it doesn't just affect the immediate family, it affects the whole community,â?? said Mike Lloyd, North Peak General Manager.

      Lloyd has offered to provide food for the upcoming funeral services.

      â??Everyone is pitching in. Everyone is doing their part because this isn't just our loss, it's everybody's. We're all suffering.â??

      Along with working at North Peak, Kelly was also a manager at the Omelet Shop, sometimes working three shifts per day and relied on her bicycle for transportation.

      There will be a funeral service for Kelly on Thursday, July 11 at 2pm at F & M Park in Traverse City.