Rising river water levels raise concerns

Platte River in Honor rising water levels

The Platte River in Benzie County is more than three feet above normal water levels and rising, leaving more than a dozen residents worried.

It's a team effort when it comes to keeping the river under control. Multiple crews from the Benzie County area are working to put the residents minds at ease.

"They came to door to door the firemen did and let everybody know and took down pertinent information," said Nan Lickteig. "Name and how many occupants and they said they would contact us again if we had to evacuate."

Officials say that 24 homes are in the danger zone if the river floods. 12 of the homes are seasonal, and 12 are year-long homes.

The main concern lies at the bridge on Indian Hills Road in Honor. Ice has continuously built up, causing back ups in the pipes that help keep the river flowing.

"It's a damming effect," says Benzie County Emergency Management Coordinator, Frank Post. "As the ice builds up and as it comes down the river it will hit certain choke points."

On Thursday, the river rose three and a half feet above it's normal flow level.

To bring the water back down, crews from the Benzie County Sheriff's Department, Emergency Medical Services, and the Homestead Township Fire Department took to the ice.

"We activate our ice and water wind boat that we use," said Sheriff Ted Schendel. "We just get on the river and rive up and down the river and the weight of the boat will break up the ice and what that does is it releases the congestion of all the ice built up."

It's all in effort to keep the river low, and the residents safe in their homes.