Safe environment needed for both kids and pets

This puppy as well as her litter mates are available for adoption at the end of May through ACPAW.

Dr. Jen Klabunde from Northwood Animal hospital offers insight into the world of pets and tips on daily pet issues. Catch Dr. Klabunde every Wednesday morning on 7&4 News Today at 6:20 and 6:40.

Dr. Klabunde explains the importance of having a family that is "pet friendly" if you are considering getting a furry friend.

Some of the things she recommends are that children under the age of 3 are always supervised around any pet. Plan ahead if you are having a baby, and teach children not to remove things from a pet's mouth. If adopting a pet, be honest on the questionnaire and be realistic with what you can handle.

When meeting a new dog, you should always ask permission before approaching or touching the dog. Dr. Klabunde says to leave dogs that are eating or sleeping alone, and don't play tug of war because that game actually encourages some aggressive behaviors.

The two puppies featured today are available for adoption through ACPAW and there are more puppies just like them from their litter available as well.