Salvation Army asking for thousands of donation dollars

The Cadillac Salvation Army has raised only 50 percent of their $78,000 goal, but as the clock ticks, they're remaining very optimistic.

With Christmas quickly approaching, the Cadillac Salvation Army is short on money. They've raised only 50 percent of their $78,000 goal, but as the clock ticks, they're remaining very optimistic.

â??To be this low at this time is kind of frightening for us. Again we've never been this low. I think it's a combination of we had a few less bell ringing days this year... we live in a more and more cashless society,â?? said Salvation Army Captain Mark Nance.

It's a race against time to raise more than $30,000 before Christmas. The Salvation Army provides people with food, clothing, toys and financial resources. If not enough money is raised, services that local families in Wexford, Kalkaska and Missaukee counties rely on may be in jeopardy.

â??We're the lowest on volunteers we've been in the past three years that we've been here, and I'm not sure the reason behind that other than it is cold and people I think are just worried about providing for their families.â??

Jennifer Green of Cadillac is giving back to the Salvation Army by standing outside in the cold, singing songs and serving as a youth group leader. It wasn't that long ago when donations helped put food on her family's table.

â??It doesn't matter who you are or what little you have, every penny counts and when you're sitting there and you have gone out, and you've bought that turkey and you've bought that ham and you have so much under the tree and you look back if you see a red kettle just put a couple of dollars in there and help somebody else out,â?? said Green.

Her children are happy and healthy and are active in the church, all thanks to the generosity of complete strangers.

â??We all struggle at one time or another and there may be a time that you might need it as well.â??

If you would like to donate to the Salvation Army, you can call (231) 775-7131 or visit their website.