Scaling Back: Dana Potocki's wrap up

Dana Potocki wraps up her Scaling Back journey

For the last three months, 7&4 has been following Dana Potocki through her healthy lifestyle change with Weight Watchers.

"Honestly, it's harder than I thought it would be," Dana says. "I thought it would be cut and dry, we would start, learn a few things end and be all better, and the more I went along the more issues arose."

Three months ago, Dana was ready to throw herself into this lifestyle change, but then life got in the way. Medical issues made it hard for her to lose weight, but Weight Watchers is still happy with her progress.

"I think she's changed a lot of the things they do in their home as a family," Deborah Roels of Weight Watchers says. "I think they adjusted their grocery shopping, their cooking, their exercise and TV habits and the fact that she quit smoking is awesome."

Dana has learned about portion control, eating clean food and exercising and she's looking forward to continuing on her journey with Weight Watchers.

"I don't want to stop because it feels like I'm just getting my feet under me," Dana says.