Scaling Back ladies get makeovers

Dana Potocki, Misty Marshall and Casey White after their makeovers at Epiphany Salon in Acme

To wrap up their Scaling Back journey with 7&4, the three northern Michigan women spent Thursday at

Epiphany Salon

in Acme, for a day of pampering and makeovers.

All three women had double-digit weight loss. Dana Potocki, who worked with

Weight Watchers

, lost 12 pounds. Casey White, who worked with

Munson Medical Center's Healthy Weight Center

, lost 35 pounds. And Misty Marshall, who worked with the

Grand Traverse Athletic Club

, lost 41 pounds.

At Epiphany, the women were rewarded for their hard work with manicures, pedicures, new hair cuts and styles and make-up.