Scaling Back: Misty Marshall's wrap up

Misty Marshall wraps up her journey with Grand Traverse Athletic Club

After three months of hard work, Misty Marshall is wrapping up her lifestyle change journey with 7&4.

"It's been the most exciting experience I've ever had in my life," Misty says. "It's been amazing and every second has been worth it, even though it's been hard work."

Misty has enjoyed the hard work since starting her journey three months ago with the Grand Traverse Athletic Club and beyond dropping the pounds, she has changed a lot about her lifestyle. Misty is now eating healthy foods and says she gets grumpy if she doesn't make it to the gym. Her trainer, Ryan Heary, has noticed.

"I think she was pretty consistent with her eating patterns and coming in here," Ryan says. "If she ever missed a few days she'd get down and out, but she did awesome, I'm very proud of her for sure."

That pride stems from more than just training, but the relationship Ryan and Misty have developed over these past three months.

"He becomes a friend, he becomes a mentor and he becomes somebody that you can trust and have confidence in and know he's looking out for your best interest," Misty says.

Ryan sees a big difference in Misty.

"From the time she started until now, it's like she did a 180. People in the gym see it, I see it, her family sees it," Ryan says. "She just has a totally different outlook on stuff. When she first got here she was really timid, she was kind of shy, now she walks around like one of the family because really she is, she's earned it."