School bus stop near two sex offenders

A father's fight to keep his daughter safe has reached a road block. The bus drops her off near two convicted sex offenders and the distict says there's nothing they can do about it.

The bus stop is located near Forest Lodge Road in Traverse City. That's off East Long Lake Road.

Kurt Bard says he was very concerned when he found out a Tier 3 sex offender lives across the street from where his teen daughter is being dropped off by the bus. Another sex offender lives a few homes down.

Bard says, "We are taking children from a safe environment, sex offenders can't be within a thousand feet of school, and delivering them to the door step. Thatâ??s where I have a problem."

The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children found that 35% of attempted abductions happen when a child is going to and from school. With that concern in mind, Bard took action.

Bard says, "I called the TCAPS bus garage and explained the situation, that the bus stop was close to register sex offender. I asked how I go about getting the stop moved."

Bard filed an official complaint with the school district, but his request was denied. He then appealed the decision and Wednesday TCAPS denied the appeal.

In a statement to 7&4 News, TCAPS says they simple can't change the route. "It is literally logistically impossible to schedule bus stops based on the location of registered sex offenders. There are simply too many of them and they are transient. In other words they move in and out of homes, which would require us to monitor the registry daily and modify routes for thousands of students on a regular basis. This is simply not possible. The legal system has deemed these individuals safe to interact in our society. It is our hope that the legal system keeps dangerous criminals behind bars and does not subject society to known threats posed by people the courts deem unsafe."

A quick search of Traverse City shows hundreds of sex offenders in the area.