School bus wheels fall off with kids inside


routine bus ride to school took an unexpected turn when two wheels came loose and fell off the bus.


Wednesday, 18 students riding the bus when they were shocked to feel a sudden drop in the rear. Duel wheels on the drivers side fell off, the bus steered off the road, and came to a halt. No one was hurt but parents are concerned and the district is looking for answers.


There could be a number of determining factors if they were under torqued, over torqued, if they weren't cleaned properly before they were put, on there are safety measures in place to avoid this kind of incident including pre-checks that need to happen to the drivers and its an item that should've been caught a pre



," Inland Lakes Schools Superintendent Fred Osborn said.


ach driver is required to check the vehicle before each shift.


Lakes School district tells 7&4 news that the driver of this bus neglected to do a pre-check before picking the kids up. The driver and the Director of Transportation are suspended until an investigation is complete. The superintendent says the district has cleared state school bus requirements and this is a contained incident.


It's important note that in January the state police didn't inspection and all of our buses past 100%. Mechanical failure is one of those unpredictable things although there were some determining factors to this and at the conclusion of the investigation if we need to take appropriate procedural or disciplinary actions we will

," Osborn said.


ince the accident

, the district put all of its drivers through additional training and brought a mechanic in to look at all of their buses to make sure they are as safe as possible.


Lakes Schools say that the bus involved in the accident is being fixed and should be back on the road within the next couple of days.