School district offering incentive for substitute teachers

Northern Michigan school districts are competing to find substitute teachers - and Traverse City has come up with a new recruiting tool.

According to Traverse City Area Public Schools (TCAPS), there is a nationwide shortage of substitute teachers. So for an incentive to fill-in, they're offering more money.

Depending on how many total days they work between April 28 and June 12, 2014, TCAPS subs will receive a bonus - anywhere from around 200 to 500 dollars. As of Friday, there are about 70 guest teachers in the incentive program.

"We don't view it as hurting the other districts," said Dr. Cindy Berck, the TCAPS Director of Human Resources. "We're all competing for the same pool of regional guest teachers. And the daily rates that are paid to guest teachers vary. Some of the smaller districts in the region actually pay a higher daily rate for substitute teachers than TCAPS does. So we're all working together to try to fill the various needs in the districts - this is just one way TCAPS can address our immediate need."

The bonus program has already started to pay off. Since it started in April, TCAPS has seen an increase in the amount of subs teaching on a regular basis. Their main goal is to get, and keep, qualified and competent people substitute teaching in the classrooms.

If you would like to apply to substitute teach, the requirements and information is on the TCAPS website.

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