School leaders build contingency plan after voters say no to repairs

Manistee Area Public School leaders are trying to come up with a plan B after voters said "no" to needed roof repairs.

The millage proposal for .95 mills for three years, which would equal just under $1.5 million, was on Tuesday's ballot. It was overwhelmingly voted down with 1,116 voting no on the issue and 724 voting yes.

The millage would have provided funding to rebuild the roof at John F. Kennedy Elementary. According to school business manager Howard Vaas, the school's roof is not currently up to state code.

"If you have a kid sitting next to a bucket collecting water, obviously that is distracting and it's hard to focus. Our board of education made some repairs to it so we are not leaking now but this is the original is over 45 years old," Vaas said.

The money raised would have also been used to tear down a vacant building attached to Kennedy Elementary.

The Manistee School Board will meet Wednesday evening at 7pm to discuss a contingency plan. The meeting will be held at Kennedy Elementary.